Friday, 28 August 2009

I suck at this, keeping up with posting what I am working on. Lack of discipline, lack of organization, I don't know which, but maybe it is both.

Either way, right now I am really not working on much, at least not physically. Probably because I do not have my sewing machine, for starters, nor has the wool that I bought in England made it to the States yet.

My plans are another matter. As of now I have no fewer than four projects that will require a good bit of planning and work to get them successfully executed on time. Emma needs a suit for her residency interviews, and we have already purchased the shot blue silk for that. I plan to make her a lovely couture finished jacket and skirt, and a pale pink shell to wear with it. Next up are a couple of late 16th century outfits, one for Arilyn and one for myself. They are going to be nice middle class outfits, hers in burgundy wool and mine in a dusty blue wool. Emma has her last Cadaver Ball in April or March, not sure of the exact date yet, but I want to be sure that one is gorgeous and perfect for her. That takes me up through early Spring, and I know I will need to make Ari and myself more historical outfits as well.

Lots to do, hard to sit here doing nothing, so I am at least working on my needlework, and that is coming along fine.