Saturday, 9 October 2010

Catching up

One would assume, from the total lack of entries here, that my past year has been devoid of sewing projects, but in reality the opposite has been true. I have made a ball gown, wedding gown, formal gown, Regency outfit for a ten year old, a mid-nineteenth century frock for the same ten year old, a formal gown for the same lucky little girl, and managed to work on several 16th century embroidery projects as well. I am still working on my Thistle Threads master goldwork class, and hopefully will have some good progress to show for it soon.

My next project are three mid 16th century outfits for middle class women. Actually, one is for myself, one for my 20 year old, and of course the 10 year old gets a new one.

Since I am not doing gentry class for like the first time in my entire reenacting career, I have to make a new suit of ruffs. My three inch wide ruff with that gorgeous Barnett Lawson silver metal thread simply will not do. I will be posting photos of my progress.

Bess, this is for you. You make me feel so guilty because you are so good at keeping current with your journaling, while I am very lackadaisical in comparison. I promise to do better this year, starting today.


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